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Joli Canned
Moscato Cocktails

Brand & Packaging Design

Joli is a 250ml canned Moscato cocktail crafted for an older female demographic. This sweet, ready-to-drink beverage is the perfect companion for summer. The project encompassed name and design conception, involving numerous iterations to ensure the final product resonated with the target audience.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, and Joli canned cocktails are set to be featured on a popular home shopping network in July of 2024.

Tasting Notes

APPROVED-4_23-Joli-cocktail-Peach-250ml -4.5x6.5.jpg
APPROVED-4_23-Joli-cocktail-Blueberry-250ml -4.5x6.5.jpg
23-Joli-cocktail-Watermelon-250ml -4.5x6.5.jpg
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