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Gossip Girl

Title Sequence

Motion Design
*Student Work (2017)

For one of my college assignments we were tasked with re-creating one of our favorite show’s title sequence, so obliviously I choose Gossip Girl. 

Gossip Girl tells the lives of privileged teenagers living on the upper east side of New York City. Gossip Girl is packed with sex, drugs, love, betrayal and mystery. To capture the very significant themes of the show I kept everything very high paced and upbeat. Time-lapse footage of the busy Manhattan streets and skyline were used throughout the sequence to give the viewer a reference of location and pace. Through the whole sequence, circles of light float around the back embodying the nightlife, high tempo atmosphere the surrounds the life of the Gossip Girl characters. Dark purples and blues contrast the red and oranges in the lights adding depth and visual stimulation to the eye. 

This  title sequence embodies many of the themes of the series while the fast pace footage, contrasting color palate and upbeat music makes it uplifting and entertaining to watch.  The multiple layers of overlaid footage will keep viewers interested even after they have binge watched four entire episodes.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 11.42.14
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