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mission one

Global Brand Identity
*Student Work (2016)

Over the summer of 2016, 15 graphic design students and myself worked in London on the Lunar Mission One project. Lunar Mission One (LM1) is an international project with a goal of sending a robotic spacecraft to the Moon in 2024. When the mission lands, they plan to drill down, collect and analyze lunar rock dating up to 4.5 billion years in age, and place an epic record of “Life on Earth” as a digital time capsule in the borehole where it could last for a billion years. 

The design team was asked to develop an idea to promote the Lunar Mission Everyone program to encourage students to participate and share their experiences. Two posters were created with the title “Bring your world to the Moon” and “What will you share?” Both depicted images of the moon with a hand written story inside of it in order to represent the personal side of this mission. Each poster could be customized into that country’s native tongue and the story of their choice. The poster targeted pre-teens and was designed to be more playful with Archie (the brand ambassador) holding the moon as a balloon.

Along with posters, many other promotional materials were created including business cards, and shirts. Sample promotional videos were created to be used as examples to show students around the world what type of videos LM1 was looking for.

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