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Packaging Design
*Student Work (2016)

Mucinex prides itself on offering fast, pain free relief. With this in mind, a re-design of the packaging was kept modern and simple to read. On the front is a simple list of what the product does, along with important factors that parents look for in a children’s medicine. The front of the package illustrates a boy using the new easy squeeze dosage apparatus and a mother administering the medication to her daughter. This creates a story about interacting with the product while providing a demonstration of how easy it is to administer the medication.

This product was designed with busy parents in-mind. Extensive research and focus groups were conducted to test the original and re-designed package to insure maximum  efficiency. The important information of this medication such as dosage and warnings are laid out in a very simple and effective way. Icons were used throughout the package for a quick read and to prevent overdosing or accidental poisoning. The design of the product allows for easily usability while being empathic to parents during a high-stress time.

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