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Radix Wine

Brand Identity & Packaging Design
*Student Work (2017)

Radix is a line of wines that introduces and educates new, entry-level wine drinkers. The goal is to remove the intimidation of drinking wine while still offering a simple way to allow consumers to learn about their palate and their wine preferences. Radix comes from the Latin word Root. Radix means “a source or origin of something.” 

The root as part of Radix’s branding is a successful metaphor for the establishment of the customer’s wine knowledge. There is a different root design to visually represent the flavor profile and to communicate to the customer the different variations and personality differences in each wine flavor. The labels were designed to be simple and easy to read and understand. Each label offers information to educate about that specific wine such as food pairing and serving temperature. 

A six-pack sampler pack was also created to encourage drinking radix in a social way. Instead of bringing a six-pack of beer, consumers can bring a six-pack of wine to help ease them into the world of drinking wine. 

This fictional wine concept was created by a team of four designers and myself. As project manager I oversaw all of the tasks and brand creation. I was solely in charge of the all the labels and website design. I worked with another designer to create the advertising campaign and final presentation which was presented to a panel of beverage and packaging design experts. 

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