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Siebenberg’s Rauchbier

*Student Work

Siebenberg’s Rauchbier is a smoked beer concept imported from Bamberg, Germany. Bamberg is known for it’s seven hills, and the name “Siebenberg” translates to seven hills. The seven hills of Bamberg, and the seven hills translated from the name “Siebenberg”, are wrapped around the base of the bottle. A gothic “S” is the main logo mark that blends into the smoke on the bottle. The smoke encompasses and wraps around the entire bottle in a way that mimics the smoky beer washing over your taste buds. The gothic type treatment is applied to the logotype, “Siebenberg’s Rauchbier”, as well as the type on the neck of the bottle that identifies which beer it is. The gothic typeface brings in the German heritage along with the age and maturation of Siebenberg’s Rauchbier beer, which as the back label says is aged in a 700-year-old cellar underneath the city of Bamberg. Siebenberg’s Rauchbier embodies the smoky flavor of the beer itself but also the geography and heritage of the city where my family and last name originated.

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