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Zac Brown Band

Album Design

*Student Work (2015)

The Zac Brown Band (ZBB) is growing in popularity and will likely continue to grow throughout the years. This album design embodies the growth and change of the band but still maintains the adventurous, unique, simple, laid back attitude that the band represents. Zac Brown, the lead singer of the ZBB has an iconic beard that many fans identify. Throughout ZBB’s career, Zac’s beard has been a variety of lengths and styles. The artwork on the front of the album symbolizes the growth and change the “face” of a band goes through. This is demonstrated through Zac’s beard and hat choice. The album art is split into three sections to recognize his three most popular albums. When on tour for each one of the albums Zac wore a different hat; a beanie in 2007, and fedora in 2010 and most recently a top hat in 2015.

On the back of the album there are three instruments that the ZBB uses to create their signature sound. Although each instrument is different they work together to create the signature sound of the ZBB. The inside sleeve has actual photos from the tours from the years listed above. In each picture you can see the hat and beard style depicted on the front. The sleeve also has the lyrics to the songs on the album.

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