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Botellón Boxed Wine

Label/Package Design

Botellón is one of those great words that does not have a direct parallel in English. Literally, it translates to “big bottle” and, when it comes to wine, those words might be exciting enough. However, there is far more to the word.

To the people of Spain, a Botellón is a social gathering to relax and enjoy wine in a public place. These gatherings can be small, just among friends, or large, spanning entire plazas or city blocks. It is a gathering of old friends, new acquaintances & everything in between. They come together for a common purpose: having a good time.

The Botellón box features 3 liters of wine, the same as four regular bottles. The design alludes to the social gathering while creating a chaotic and mesmerizing pattern. This packaging really embodies the spirit of Botellón.


If you are interested in purchasing a box of Botellón visit

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